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Most popular singers born in Tuscany

Do you want to know which famous singer or musician comes from Tuscany? Here is a list of some of the most famous musicians and composers whose origins are in Tuscany

Andrea Bocelli

andrea bocelli
andrea bocelli - Credit: laurentius87

Giacomo Puccini

Enzo Ghinazzi (Pupo)

Gianna Nannini

gianna nannini
gianna nannini - Credit: Massimiliano Sticca

Salvatore “Toto” Cutugno

Nada Malanima

Piero Umiliani

Lorenzo Cherubini aka Jovanotti

jovanotti - Credit: Maurizio Montanaro

Irene Grandi


litfiba - Credit: Sabrina Campagna


Michele Francesco Puccioni


Federico Fiumani

Aldo Caponi

Roberto Bobo Rondelli

bobo rondelli
bobo rondelli - Credit: official website

Riccardo Marasco


Marco Masini

Paolo Vallesi

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