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Tuscany Architecture through fine art photography

Some of the most beautiful pictures taken by Carlo Cafferini around Tuscany

Architecture is a fundamental part that contributes to the beauty of Tuscany and many people coming from all over the world take pictures of the evidences of a past and a present that "yearn for timelessness". The first experiment of photography of all times was made in 1826 by Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce and the subject was the landscape from his window: buildings, then! We have chosen for you some of the most beautiful photographs taken by Carlo Cafferini in different locations around Tuscany. Enjoy!

Giant moon in Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa
Giant moon in Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa - Credit: Carlo Cafferini

Born in Piacenza but raised in Pisa, this talented photographer (aged 32), fell in love with the art of photography when he was just a child. Then finally, in 2010, he started to cultivate this passion with a reflex bought when he decided to move to Pisa. As time went by, taking photographs became more and more important in his life, the ideal means of communication through which Carlo can say something that words cannot tell.

Cormorants at dawn
Cormorants at dawn - Credit: Carlo Cafferini

The real challenge of photography is the ability to tell a story, to give emotions through images. He said: “I love to represent the reality around me, the ordinary world, with a few elements and in an unconventional way, sometimes with a bit of surrealism”.

"I like the architecture, most of all contemporary, the contrast between black and white and the minimalism, too. Sometimes buildings are the core of my art because I’m very interested in the stories hidden behind their façade. The cities and their architecture speak to us with an unspoken language made of colours, sometimes vivid, sometimes neutral. The open windows, closed doors, lights turned on, curtains left ajar, laundering hanging in the sun… it’s up to us to keep an eye out and catch the urban secrets".


On his site you can find a selection of photographs divided into projects and awards. Apart of many honourable mentions, he became one of the 50 "commended photographers" of the Sony Awards 2015 as regards Architecture photography. He won the competition “Buildings” at the Mifa 2016 and arrived third at the ND Awards 2016. In the same year, he was finalist at both the Eliana Lissoni Prize and the prestigious Sipa contest.

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