San Giusto - Porcari


The small village is located at the feet of the hillside and conserves traces from the Bronze Age

Porcari is located in the Lucca area, on the banks of the ancient lake of Sesto, which was once the route that intersected the Via Francigena and Via Cassia. It was founded in around 1000 AD. The village center is dominated by an imposing church, built in white marble and dedicated to San Giusto. The church has a large bell tower. From the square, which can be reached on foot by walking up the paved road from the city center, there are beautiful views of the underlying plain and nearby towns.

The square can also be reached by car, along a narrow road that leads above the church and near a footpath that leads to the nearby town of La Torretta. This is highest point in all of the municipality, and from here, visitors get a 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside. It is the perfect place for a relaxing walk in the area’s lush, greenery. Another important place is the archeological area, called Fossa Nera, which holds the ruins of an ancient town dating back to the Bronze Age, as well as some Roman and Etruscan homes.

Cover image credit: Davide Papalini

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