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Porcari, Parco la Torretta
Photo © Archivio del Comune di Porcari
Photo © Archivio del Comune di Porcari

Torretta nature park

Naturalistic attractions

A hill, symbol of the identity of Porcari

Torretta nature park is a symbolic place of Porcari, an important green lung that stretches for 30 thousand square miles of pine, strawberry and oak forests on the hill called precisely “La Torretta”.

The Park offers a scenic spot from which to view all the Piana di Lucca and, at the same time, it is a rich natural heritage available for walks, outdoor sports activities or moments of relaxation.

At the foot of the hill is the Church of San Giusto, also in a privileged position, while on the hilltop stands a small construction called “casina della Torretta”.

The hill of Porcari, (once monte San Giusto un castrum) has always been of great strategic importance for its raised position above the Valley of the Six Miles, observation and sighting point over the whole area, crucial above all in case of any approaching enemy troops.

The castle on the hill, of which only few traces remain, was formed by a cluster of fortified houses, a “castrum”, called Castrum Porcari. We do not know whether there was a tower inside or immediately outside the castle of this cluster that probably gave the park its name.  

La Torretta is important for tourism, has a natural value and is available for the heterogeneous activities it can host, but it is also the symbol of the local identity, emblem of Porcari. This is also attested by the annual prize, the “Torretta d’oro”, which the town of Porcari awards to citizens who have excelled in their activity. The community consider it an important sign of gratitude.