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Photo © JOBDVstudio
Photo © JOBDVstudio

Fondazione Lazzareschi

Historical Buildings

A point of reference for the community of Porcari in a location with a unique design

Fondazione Lazzareschi was founded in 2003 with the intent of promoting the cultural, social and entrepreneurial growth of the local area. Since its foundation, strongly desired by the Lazzareschi family, it has made itself available to the community, becoming a point of reference for all companies operating in the area.

From year to year, it organises exhibitions, fairs, conferences, concerts and initiatives in the social, scientific, historical, artistic and cultural field.

It is housed in a building in piazza Felice Orsi, in downtown Porcari, on one side of the Town Hall and is a magnificent example of contemporary architecture perfectly integrated into the urban space. An abstract and light volume that plays with the light and with the transparencies of glass to create a “light chamber” that encloses and enhances the internal exhibition spaces. In this light configuration open to the future, the glass building is a tangible expression of the Foundation and its activity.

The building is also a commemorative symbol of Giuseppe Lazzareschi, a key figure in the economic, cultural and social development of Porcari.

Fondazione Lazzareschi
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