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Palazzo Reale, Pisa
Photo ©Sailko

National Museum of the Royal Palace in Pisa

The art gallery displays artworks from the biggest dynasties in Europe

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The National Museum of the Royal Palace in Pisa is located inside the Royal Palace overlooking the Arno, which was designed by Bernardo Buontalenti for Fernando I de’ Medici at the end of the 16th century.

Here you can admire works of art from the Medici, Lorena and Savoia palaces and from collections in Pisa, including the fine Medici tapestry with Stradano pieces and the clothes of Eleonora di Toledo, wife of Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici. In addition, there is a unique collection of armour, made of 900 pieces dating back to the 15th-17th centuries.

The museum contains some works believed to be by Rosso Fiorentino and a young Raffaello, but also precious ivory miniatures from the Ceci collections, paintings by Galileo Chini and the portraitist Italo Griselli.

Info: polomusealetoscana.beniculturali.it

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