Anghiari, Galleria Girolamo Magi

The Girolamo Magi Gallery

Anghiari hosts famed loggia

Built on a design by engineer Francis Tuti, the building was inaugurated on February 15, 1889. It is dedicated to a man from Anghiari, Girolamo Magi; he was an illustrious military engineer from the sixteenth century who served under the Venetian Republic. This gallery is a fine example minor architecture which offers cutting-edge technical solutions. Its loggias recall the larger galleries in Milan, Genoa and Naples. For years, this venue hosted a covered market for selling seeds and grains. Later, during the first decades of the twentieth century, a new road was built which made the marketplace easier to reach. Thus, the gallery lost its original function. Its last renovation occurred in 1993.
A medieval walled town immersed in the splendid landscape of the Tiber Valley
"Anghiari is a place that reveals its own enchantment only by degrees, and even then, only to the traveller who wants to explore and use their own eyes", wrote Harold Donaldson Eberlein, crossing the Upper Tiber Valley in 1929. Nothing could be truer, because Anghiari, like the rest of Tuscany, is a place to discover. ...