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Santa Maria Church in Micciano

Places of worship

Surrounded by the greenery of fields on the way to Caprese Michelangelo

A few kilometres from Anghiari, along the road that leads to Caprese Michelangelo, before reaching Motina, the Santa Maria a Micciano Church stands on the left in a raised position. Surrounded by fields and preceded by a row of cypress trees, the church is encompassed by a complex of buildings from different eras that give it a mixed appearance.

Unfortunately, the early building can no longer be seen. The interior includes rural dwellings that have been restructured over the centuries, while the core of the complex is home to the church of San Clemente, which probably dates to the 12th century, although some recently discovered tombs would support an earlier date. The apse is the oldest part of the church, originally with a Greek cross plan, turned into a Latin cross in the mid 19th century.

Not far from Toppole, Badia di San Veriano can be reached on foot along a trail, an 11th-century Camaldolese monastery.