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The Farneta Antiquarium

This museum is home to a mix of seventeenth century paintings, Etruscan urns and Roman capitals

The Farneta Antiquarium is housed on the ground floor of the rectory of the ancient Benedictine abbey in Farneta which was founded between the ninth and tenth centuries. The church’s original pre-Roman crypt is still intact today. The museum was created in order to preserve and celebrate local works of art and archaeological artefacts, without having to move them far from their place of origin.

Most of the items in the museum’s collections come from the church itself, such as the sixteen seventeenth century paintings lent by the Uffizi Gallery and the archaeological and paleontological finds which were unearthed during research by Don Santi Felici, the abbot-vicar of Farneta. The most interesting items in the museum include a Roman tomb, the Etruscan funerary urns, the holy water basin made of two Roman capitals, and the fossils of vertebrae that date to the Pleistocene Age.

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ex scuole elementari
Cortona (Arezzo)
Telephone 0575 610241 (Associazione Amici del Museo Don Sante Felici)

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