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The Apuan Alps Park

A cross section of prehistoric Italy in the heart of the country

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Località Giannelli, 1180A, 55040 Stazzema LU, Italia
Any brief description wouldn't do justice to the Apuan Alps Park. Man has made his home in this immense area that covers approximately 20,000 hectares since prehistoric times. The highest point in the park is Mount Pisanino that reaches an altitude of 1947 meters and looks over a rocky valley. The park is wild and uncontaminated and its limestone mountains hide underground tunnels and deep wells. In fact, there are 1300 caves such as the Antro del Corchia, the deepest abyss in Italy
- Credit: Matteo Pieroni

The local flora mainly consists of oaks and mixed wooded areas which give way to Mediterranean scrub on the side of the coast.

Also the fauna is brimming and the symbol of the park is the coral crab. In fact, there are many brids, with species such as the royal eagle and the red partridge. Both the place and the wildlife are quite unique.
Don’t miss the Pietro Pellegrini Botanical Gardens, the Marmitte dei Giganti, Mount Forato, the Oasi Lipu and the more than 300 quarries which testify the period when the Apuan rocks were heavily used in art and building. 

Info: apuaneturismo.it

Castles, fortified sites and medieval tunnels
Surrounded by the Apuan Alps, Stazzema is a scattered town, forming part of the historic Versilia region—in the area, it’s the only town that is entirely mountainous. With its magnificent setting and panoramic views, you'll want to admire its numerous hamlets—a solid 17 of them—which are spread down the slopes of the mountains. ...