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Museum of Resistance in Sant'Anna di Stazzema


Dedicated to preserving the memory of the massacre on August 12, 1944

Sant'Anna di Stazzema, a small town in Upper Versilia on the slopes of the Apuan Alps, was at the center of a terrible massacre on August 12, 1944: some SS units carried out one of the most horrendous acts perpetrated by Nazi troops in Italy, killing 560 people, including many children.  

The Museum of Resistance offers visitors a fundamental and exhaustive overview of the historical background to the massacre and Versilia’s contribution in the fight for Liberation, while at the same time, encouraging a reflection on the values of the Resistance. The set-up of the museum is designed to express a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the interior and exterior: an exhibition space and the Ossuary Monument on the Col di Cava.

The Ossuary Monument is a stone tower 12 metres high with four arches and a pedestal containing the remains of the victims: the names of those who could be identified are engraved in a slab on the side of the monument. Visitors can reach the site via a paved foot path that symbolizes the Via Crucis and along which the stations of the Passion of Christ and the historical and civic events that took place in Sant’Anna and the neighbouring areas are depicted.

Sant'Anna di Stazzema
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