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Museum of the Pietra Piegata


Inside Corchia Park in Levignano, an exhibition dedicated to marble

The Museum of the Pietra Piegata is located in Levignani, in the municipality of Stazzema, inside Corchia Park, and was founded to best and meaningfully collect the culture of marble in the Apuan Alps and the traces it’s left behind. The aim is to conserve the most characteristic marble productions, starting with standard pieces, so as to not lose track of the historic memory of an artisan and artistic tradition that today is just a shadow of its former self.

Here, you can admire objects of sacred art in marble, as well as coloured marble from the Apuan Alps, almost entirely forgotten by the today’s quarrying industry, including marble engraving from the Baroque era and mortars that were used in cooking and for creating remedies from medicinal plants.

The archeology section conserves artefacts coming from occasional discoveries and official excavations in the Levigliani necropolis (3rd-1st century BCE), which constitute the largest communal burial site in the Ligurian Alps.

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