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Statue Stele Museum in Pontremoli
Photo ©Alessio Grazi

Museum of the Lungiana Stele Statues

An itinerary to discover the artworks found in Pontremoli

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The Piagnaro Castle is a medieval building that has been restructured several times over the years. To the north, there is the keep of the fortress, which is flanked by a bastion from the Medicean era. At the centre is the oldest part of the complex and it was likely built in the first half of the 1200s. To the south, the residence of military leaders has a 17th-century style. Beginning at the end of the 1600s, the fortress was used mainly as a police station. In the 1900s, it was used as an elementary school. It was restored in 1957-8 and became the home of the museum.
Prehistoric Monument
Prehistoric Monument - Credit: Museo Statue Stele
The pinacoteca, or the main gallery, conserves and displays the Stele statues (25 originals and 29 cast moulds), which document the culture of the civilizations that lived in the Lunigiana area, from the Aeneolithic to the late Iron Age. A new section was opened in 1999 with the aim of contextualizing these works in the archeological reality of the area. The museum route will be completed after the rooms on the second floor of the castle are re-modeled.

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Pontremoli is Tuscany's northernmost town and one of the most quintessential centers of the Lunigiana region. Set on a plain surrounded by hills and mountains, the town is a treasure trove of artistic memory and monumental relics. Crossing its medieval bridges or strolling along its paved walkways is a bit like time traveling back to a mythical age. ...