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Straits of Giaredo

Naturalistic attractions

Gorges of a thousand colors and crystal-clear waters between Zeri and Pontremoli in Lunigiana

Located on the border between Pontremoli and Zeri in Lunigiana, in the province of Massa-Carrara, the Straits of Giaredo (Stretti di Giaredo) constitute a true natural work of art carved by the Gordana stream.

They represent the lower stretch, about 1 km long, of the much larger rocky gorge of the Gordana stream that runs from the village of Noce di Zeri to the settlement of Giaredo, near Pontremoli.

A succession of canyons where the magic of the stone carved by the swirling waters can be observed up close.

An engaging route among different environments

The route of the Straits of Giaredo
The route of the Straits of Giaredo

The journey begins with a walk through the bucolic landscapes of the Gordana Valley, then changes environment by ascending the bed of the stream until reaching the majestic rock walls of the Straits of Giaredo. At this point the hike becomes more challenging, but each step is an opportunity to discover the magic of an unspoiled environment, walking and swimming in crystal clear pools of water.

In fact, the valley closes in a narrow natural canyon that hides an extraordinary color scenery, ranging from red to green, from gray to blue.

Respect and Conservation

Grass snake: a non-venomous aquatic snake
Grass snake: a non-venomous aquatic snake

The “Valle del Torrente Gordana” (Gordana Stream Valley) is a nature reserve according to the Council Directive 92/43/EEC, otherwise known as Habitats, which recognizes this geographical area as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

To preserve this natural treasure, it is essential to respect the surrounding environment and some simple rules: leave the rock walls untouched, respect the flora and fauna, do not light fires and do not leave any trace of your passage.

Plan your adventure

The route of the Straits of Giaredo
The route of the Straits of Giaredo

To tackle the hike, it is necessary to know how to swim, check the weather forecast, inquire about the release of water from the dam upstream of the gorge: the trail is open to everyone, but requires proper equipment, attention and respect for nature.

Due to the particularly cold water temperature, it is recommended to tackle the hike in the summer time, equipped with a wetsuit and protective helmet. Due to the absence of any telephone signal in the gorge, it is always a good idea to leave information with someone who is not participating in the hike before leaving.

Safe experience with expert guides

The Straits of Giaredo
The Straits of Giaredo

For a safer and more thorough visit, you can rely on the experienced guides of the area who can provide all the necessary equipment (wetsuit, helmet and life jacket) and accompany you through this fascinating journey, ensuring a fulfilling and safe discovery of the Straits of Giaredo.

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