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Golf Club Villa Gori bunker

Golf Club Tirrenia

A wonderful place for golf lovers

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One of the most stimulating golf courses in Tuscany, the Golf Club Tirrenia was inaugurated in the 1970s. It is situated along the Tyrrhenian coast, between Pisa and Livorno. With an international airport at a stone’s throw in Pisa, the golf club boasts easy access to all major Italian and European cities. Within 100km, the best Italy has to offer in terms of artistic, historical and environmental beauty is in close proximity. The golf resort is located near the San Rossore-Migliarino Natural Park, one of the largest untouched areas of the Macchia Mediterranea. The ‘art cities’ of Pisa, Siena, Florence, Volterra, San Gimignano and Lucca are easily accessible from the Golf Club Tirrenia. The 9-hole golf course is immersed in a decades old pine tree grove in over 84 hectares of land. The temperate weather allows the resort to remain open all year long. The resort offers all of the modern comforts, making any golf holiday here a truly welcoming experience. 
Experience the city of miracles, packed with maritime history and traditions
Pisa and its Piazza dei Miracoli have always been a fundamental stop on any trip to Tuscany. Despite the overwhelming presence of tourists from all over the world, who sometimes seem to have arrived here for the sole purpose of pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower – this sacred place still emits a timeless, evocative and powerful beauty. ...