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Leonardo da Vinci is known worldwide for being one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance: he’s gone down in history, though, as the Genius because he didn’t limit himself to only excelling at painting; he was also the original Renaissance man, an inventor, engineer, urban planner, architect and much more.

It was his home, Tuscany, that inspired him to ask so many questions. He was born in the hills of Vinci, in Anchiano in 1452, beginning his life in a humble country home. From that moment onward, his was a story of a continuation of creations ranging from paintings to avant-garde discoveries.

In Tuscany, you can trace the life of the great Leonardo, stopping in the places where he studied, the backgrounds of his paintings, the stage where his life unfolded. You can begin in Anchiano, visiting the home he was born in, before continuing on to Vinci, where a visit to the Leonardo Museum is a must, exploring his most extraordinary inventions and understanding the foresight this man possessed.

Florence is also part of any itinerary to do with Leonardo, of course. The city was fundamental for the artist’s career, as was nearby Fiesole, both of which fascinated Leonardo with their enchanting views. The Renaissance genius moved beyond the borders of his homeland, however, traveling to every corner of Tuscany, from the coast – like Piombino, where he studied the sea – to the hills, including Bacchereto and Cascina, and the Valtiberina, where he attempted to immortalize the Battle of Anghiari, today narrated in a dedicated museum. And looking deeper, it’s not hard to recognize the atmosphere of the Valdarno, the perfect background for his paintings.

Some of his works are still in Tuscany, particularly at the Uffizi Gallery (The Baptism of Christ, Adoration of the Magi and The Annunciation), while the Villa del Ferrale, in Vinci, is home to an “impossible exhibition,” home to perfect copies of the artist’s most famous works.

Why not choose 2019, the 500th anniversary of his death, to explore the Tuscan locations connected to the world-famous man?