Montepulciano e San Biagio

Discover Montepulciano's Vino Nobile

An itinerary exploring taste, tradition and culture

Montepulciano and its wine are synonymous with high-quality and excellence in the eno-gastronomical world. This itinerary is meant to explore the area and its great wine, in addition to its numerous artistic, cultural and architectural treasures.  

The city stands on the ridge of a rise and is surrounded completely with medieval walls. A place where time seems to have stopped and where well-conserved monuments and estates are thanks to the hands of the great architects of the past: Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio, il Vignola and Michelozzo. To visit the city, you can follow the main road to the town square. Recommended visits include Palazzo Comunale and Piazza Grande 1, (open Mon to Sat) from whose tower you can see fantastic views on the underlying countryside; the Duomo, Piazza Grande, (open every day), Sant’Agostino, Piazza Michelozzo (open every day); Madonna di San Biagio, which is located on Via San Biagio 14, under the medieval walls to the south (open every day). As well, a visit to see the external facade of Palazzo Budelli (closed to the public), is also worth a visit, as is Palazzo Tarugi in Piazza Grande.

It was founded as a grouping of farms, built atop Etruscan ruins, where Porsenna is said to have lived. Walking along its streets, you can still feel the Etruscan atmosphere. It is worth a visit to the National Etruscan Museum, on Via Porsenna 2 (tel. 057820177; open every day); the main cathedral in Piazza del Duomo (open every day), where you can also visit the Cathedral Museum (tel. 0578 226490; open every day), inside which you can book visits to the underground tunnels of the city.  

Cellars to visit:
Agricola Dei
Via di Martiena, 35 53045 MONTEPULCIANO - (SI) Tel: 0578 716878 Fax: 0578 758680

Az. Agr. Biologica Belvedere Colonna
Via Setinaiola, 4 , Loc. Cervognano di Montepulciano 53045 MONTEPULCIANO - (SI) Tel: 0578 767191 Fax: 0578 767191.

Azienda Agricola Casale
Via Nottola, 9 , Loc. Stazione 53045 MONTEPULCIANO - (SI) Tel: 0578 738257 Fax: 0578 738257.

Via delle Tre Berte, 10/A , Loc. ACQUAVIVA DI MONTEPULCIANO 53040 MONTEPULCIANO - (SI) Tel: 0578 767777 Fax: 0578 767255

Fassati Fazi Battaglia
Via di Graccianello, 3/A , Loc. Gracciano 53045 MONTEPULCIANO - (SI) Tel: 0578 708708 Fax: 0578 708705

Fattoria del Cerro – Saiagricola
Via Grazianella, 5; 53040 – MONTEPULCIANO Tel: 0578 767722Fax: 0578 768040

Proprietà Fanetti
Via Antica Chiusina, 15 53045 MONTEPULCIANO - (SI) Tel: 0578 716716 Fax: 0578 716716

Via di Villa Bianca, 15 53045 MONTEPULCIANO - (SI) Tel: +39 0578 799031 Fax: +39 0578 799749