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Travel Question: problem with luggage

One of our readers have asked us: In September eight of us will be travelling to Florence for a couple of weeks, starting in Florence and then San Gimignano. We have a problem with luggage. Do you know of any organization in Florence that will transport luggage from Florence to San Gimignano (and back)? While the men can get by with a small suitcase, the four ladies will be carrying much more luggage and we cannot fit it into a rental vehicle. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ralph Answer: Hello Ralph, If you don't want to rent a bigger car,  you can use a service Italians call "taxi merci" (goods taxi). The best part of a taxi merci service is that you won't have to carry the luggage: they will do it for you. My advice is that you call the company at least a couple of days before of your arrival in Florence. Here are some companies in Tuscany:
  • Socota:  www.socota.it - phone: (+39) 055.4242 / 055.210321
  • CO.TA.FI : http://4390.it - phone: (+39) 055.4390 /055 4377741 - email: riccardoquerci@libero.it
  • Taxi Merci Firenze:  phone: (+39)055 2396230 - email: info@taximercifirenze.it
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