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Riserva naturale Duna Feniglia
Photo © Photo Graphic Studio
Photo © Photo Graphic Studio

Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve

Naturalistic attractions

An oasis along the Tuscan coast, surrounded by sea and pine trees

The Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve is located in the pine grove-dotted territory between the Orbetello lagoon and the Tyrrhenian Sea, linking the Argentario promontory near Porto Ercole with the Ansedonnia hill. The park is the perfect oasis for those who love nature, protected by the sea and pine trees.

Visitors can access the park for free and can visit it on foot or by bike, as it boasts a 6-km road running the length of the area. Along the road, 1 km apart from each other, there are milestones and informative panels that indicate the exits to the seaside.

The park’s plant life can be divided into three main categories: the sandy dunes, the grove where stone pines grow and the lagoon. Because of its variety, the reserve is used to harvest pine nuts, which are then utilized into the local food industry.

An important animal that lives in the Feniglia reserve is the deer, which grazes freely alongside other ungulates like wild boars. Visitors can frequently see wolves, badgers and small rodents. Birds that live in the area include turtle doves, woodpeckers, hoopoes and many others, including nocturnal birds of prey.