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Solco of Equi Terme

Naturalistic attractions

A natural canyon at the base of the Apuan Alps

A short distance from the Equi Terme Caves is the Solco, a narrow, deep natural canyon formed by erosion of the stream that now runs along the marble road and dominated by the north face of Pizzo d'Uccello.

On this stretch, you can admire unique plant species, such as the Apuan Pinguicula (a perennial herbaceous plant whose leaves form rosettes at ground level), or be lucky enough to see the Golden Eagle circling, which nests on these very cliffs. There are two tunnels along the route, between which is the small votive temple to the Madonna del Cavatore (Our Lady of the Quarryman).

The Solco of Equi is part of the most important geosites in the Apuan Alps Regional Park.

NB: it is recommended to use of a flashlight for the passage through the tunnel and it is preferable to do this hike on the weekend, as there is transit of marble transport trucks from Monday to Friday. The trail is along CAI (Italian Alpine Club) trail no. 192, which ends at the gate of the entrance to the quarry.