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Pistoia Mountains by motorcycle

A tour through the Tuscan Apennines

First leg
At the foothills of the Apennines
Villa La Magia in Quarrata
Villa La Magia in Quarrata - Credit: Jacopo Marcovaldi

The first stop from Pistoia is on the way to Montale, just 10 km away at the foothills of the Apennine mountains. The landscape here is dominated by centuries-old ecclesiastical buildings such as San Quirico and magnificent aristocratic villas. The first of which is Villa Celle, unique given it contains the Gori Collection, one of the most important land art collections in the world, reserved only for true connoisseurs of contemporary art. If you continue for another 10 km you can reach Quarrata and Villa La Magia, another outdoor art center with an equally impressive panorama also in the direction of the historic village of Tizzana. In the surrounding area, there are some renowned wineries that produce high-quality wine.

Second Leg
Small historic villages
- Credit: Fluctuat

A short distance away is the Fortress in Serravalle Pistoia and some small villages that dot a secluded hill, such as Marliana. There are some very tasty organic products to be found among these winding roads, like bread and focaccia cooked in a wood oven, adding to the enjoyment of your trip. 

Third Leg
Along the Porrettana
Rocca of Sambuca Pistoiese
Rocca of Sambuca Pistoiese - Credit: Territori di Pistoia Pistoiese

The most challenging stretch involves the legendary "Porrettana" up as far Sambuca and the little-known Valle del Limentra. Starting from Pistoia we suggest you take the "Porrettana" or the SS 64, which until 1847 was the only connection between the city of Bologna and most of northern Italy. The route passes through the town of Signorino, which is a well-known meeting place and stopover for motorcyclists. Following on from that is the Collina Pass which has an altitude of 932 mt a.s.l. It is said that Hannibal travelled through here during the Second Punic War along with the infamous elephants. You can then cross San Pellegrino, Bellavalle and Taviano, with the possibility of making a small detour to the castle in Sambuca Pistoiese (736 mt), passing Ponte alla Venturina along the Suviana basin, travelling between 40 and 50 km.

Fourth Leg
In the Valley of the Limentra

It is time to return to Pistoia, this time looking at the Valle della Limentra. The stops are Lentula, Acqua, Monachino and the impressive Acquerino Nature Reserve. Those who appreciate nature and love to travel by motorbike will appreciate a few short detours through the small stone villages of Treppio and Torri. Undoubtedly you’ll want to return to discover more of the secrets of this historic land where time has stopped and nature still reigns supreme.

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