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Scansano skyline

Discover Scansano, a nice medieval village in the Tuscan Maremma.

Scansano, charming village in Maremma

Elena Nacci by Elena Nacci
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If one says the word “Scansano” probably what soon comes to your mind is a type of wine, known worldwide as the Morellino di Scansano. But Scansano is also the name of the nice medieval village where this fine red wine is produced.

A scenic cross-country route leads to Scansano, that spectacularly rises on an outcrop overlooking an impressive wooded gorge. The village is in fact located atop a panoramic hill in southern Tuscany, in what is the wildest area of the region, the Maremma!

Scansano view
A view of Scansano - Credit: Agenzia per il turismo di Grosseto

Maremma is a more secluded area of Tuscany, that you’ll not find in the usual touristic tour. That’s one of the very few territories in Italy still retaining so many extraordinary and unspoilt natural treasures, such as the Monti Dell’Uccellina in the Natural Park of Maremma, the uncontaminated nature reserves at Orbetello and Burano, the wonderful deserted beaches with pine forests, the lovely towns by the sea, the marvelous islands in an enchanted sea with crystal clear waters. Inland, the Maremma is dotted with many charming hill villages and castles standing amid a wonderful countryside with verdant chestnut forests and vast fields with olive groves and vineyards stretching for miles up to the sea. The landscape around Scansano is very inviting, with a beautiful countryside, as well as extraordinary amazing views reaching up to the Uccellina Park on the coastline. The village is small, with the main road leading right to Piazza Garibaldi, filled with tiny characteristic trattorie, where to enjoy great food and definitely a great wine! Scansano’s old and characteristic houses are painted with faded colors, some yellow, some pink, some orange, that confer the village an appealing and lively atmosphere.

Morellino grapes Scansano
Morellino grapes - Credit: Podere Castellaccia Agriturismo Winery

Scansano Main Sights are:

  • Museo della Vite e del Vino - A very interesting museum dedicated to Morellino wine and its grapes, and also to the history and tradition of making wine.
  • Church of San Giovanni Battista - Dating from the 13th century, the church was then completely restored during the 18th century.
  • Porta Grossetana - Scansano’s wonderful and particular medieval gate in white color, that resembles the form of a castle.
  • Teatro Castagnoli - Recently restored it represents one of the most prestigious theatres in the province of Grosseto.
  • Castello di Montepò - This beautiful castle, now of private property, is an imposing fortified building from the Renaissance period, to be found in the countryside north of Scansano.
  • Museo Archeologico - Located within Scansano’s Palazzo Pretorio, it retains rare Etruscan finds found in the near archeological site of Ghiaccio Forte.
Castello Montepò
Castello Montepò - Credit: Agenzia per il turismo di Grosseto

Scansano is surely worth considering as a good base to explore the extraordinary wonders of the Maremma region. The near enclosing walls of Magliano are a sight not to be missed, together with other enchanting hamlets and villages, like Pitigliano, Saturnia, and Manciano; while, in less than an hour’s driving you can reach the coast and its sandy beaches. As said above, Scansano and the surrounding area are home to Maremma’s most famous wine, the red Morellino, great DOCG wine made from Sangiovese grapes. The verdant scenic hills adorned with beautiful rows of vineyards are a sight in itself! Somehow we can say that this fantastic wine embodies everything that makes this part of Tuscany so special :-)

Scansano vineyards
Scansano vineyards - Credit: Podere Castellaccia Agriturismo Winery
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