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Paul the Octopus Oracle is from Tuscany!

pauloctopus There's a whole lot of talk these days about Paul the Octopus who has correctly divined the outcome of the world cup final and other crucial games. Although Paul is a resident of the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium in Germany, he was born in Tuscany. More specifically, Paul was taken from his natal home in Elba at the age of only four weeks, a fact revealed by his trainer, Verena Bartsch, just today. If Paul were not so good at divining the outcome of football games, (8 out of 8 games) he would taste very good boiled. That is the usual fate of octopi in Elba. I already wrote a boiled Elba octopus recipe in which you can read just how to prepare Paul should he stop being so clever.
In collaboration with Tuscanyarts - who wrote an Elba Itinerary! Want to eat Paul? Here's How to get to Elba?
Thanx to Cibò for the picture!