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Giardino Spoerri
Photo © Alessandro Farese
Photo © Alessandro Farese

Daniel Spoerri’s Garden

Art Parks

An itinerary dedicated to contemporary art through the woods in Seggiano

Daniel Spoerri’s garden is a park dedicated to contemporary art that is located in Seggiano, between Monte Amiata and Montalcino.

This is where the Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri chose to live and carry out his research, on a large estate not far from the historic centre: almost 16 hectares of land where nature, softened even in its most rugged parts, is showcased in all its glory, with wide grassy knolls and lush thickets, constantly in dialogue with the bronze sculptures placed here by the artist, sometimes their ally, sometimes their adversary.

Spoerri began to create the sculpture park in the 1990s and today it is open to the public, home to 112 works by 55 different artists. The garden offers a fascinating route that winds through art and nature. At times, the sculptures are revealed piece-by-piece, with every step you take, other times, they melt into the natural space or hide behind the blooming vegetation, in a back-and-forth of sensations that range from surprise to enchantment, as you are reminded of Renaissance and Baroque gardens.


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