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Italy and its gastrocraze over the tuscan cat expression

"A berlingaccio - chi non ha ciccia ammazza il gatto" : During carnival those that don't have meat-kill the cat and eat Here's another tuscan expression, used in Tuscany for jeudigras, ( the last thursday before carnival ) when in Tuscany a typical cake is made called Berlingozzo. This very simple cake gets its name from Berlingaccio, that in turn gets its name from Bretling german for lunch table. (this is the serious part of the post) This expression is obviously not meant for 2010 but used to be popular some 60 years ago when people in the Val d'Arno area apparently ate cats. Keeping this in mind i just wanted to make sure you kept up with the news that's been travelling on and off-line all day today. Beppe Bigazzi co-host of the popular cooking show "La prova del Cuoco" decided to give a little insight on how it's normal to eat cats during jeudi gras....he got suspended from italian public tv.