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Firenzecard: so many museums in 72 hours!

Discover more about the official Florence museum pass

The Firenzecard pass includes the entrance ticket, the booking fee and the temporary exhibitions supplements (when present) for all the museums and tourist attractions that are part of the Firenzecard circuit (a total of around 60).

The card lasts 72 hours/3 days from its first use (meaning: first visit to a museum), has a cost of 85 euro, and includes free admission for those under 18 belonging to the same family unit of the card holder.

If this wasn't enough, Firenzecard also means no queues and reservation requirements (except for a few exceptions, check the website for this). 

Firenzecard can be purchased online (up to 6 months before use) or at one of the sale points in the city.

And if you need more than 72 hours to visit everything you wish to see, go online and activate for free the Firenzecard Restart: 48 additional hours, for you and for the under 18s of your family unit.

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