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Scansano Coutryside
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The town of Morellino looks onto the beauty of the Maremma landscape

Scansano is located in the hilly Maremma inland along a strip of land between the coast and the slopes of Mount Amiata, boasting vast and varied panoramas. It dates back to the Etruscans and the Romans as evidenced by the archeological site in Ghiaccioforte. It was dominated by the Aldobrandeschi family, who built a castle in the village that was later used as a convent. In the 16th century, Scansano developed a surprising demographic and urban development under the Counts of Santa Fiora, and assumed the urban layout it still has today. After a period of political-social stagnation under the Medici’s, the town enjoyed a renewed phase of development under the Grand Duke of Lorraine when the so-called “estatatura”, or summer period in which the public offices of Grosseto were transferred there, was instituted.

The convent of Petreto, which contains the remains of the Aldobrandeschi, and the Romanesque foundations of a church, is situated on the top of a hill overlooking the town. Its appeal lies in its isolated position among woods of oak, ilex, cypress and pine. Today, the Maremma countryside around Scansano is no longer the harsh, uninhabited and wild land of the past; the view now offers hills green with pastures and lined by vineyards and olive groves whose colors change with the seasons. It has become the desired destination of nature lovers thanks to the beauty of the Mediterranean scrub, as it blooms with broom, rock rose and strawberry trees.

The town is now famous for the success of Morellino di Scansano, the area’s red wine. Wine cellars and shops in and around Scansano are always open for sampling this lively and vivacious wine with its intense flavor and refined bouquet. The weekends during the annual celebration “Settembre a Scansano Morellino e sapori Doc” offer the chance for guided tastings of traditional local produce and Morellino wine. The beauty of the landscape and the excellence of the products have guaranteed an increasing rise in tourism in Scansano and the surrounding hamlets. Here, nature, tradition and innovation come together in ease and harmony.

Source: APT Maremma
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