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Dominated by the Apennine range and the Apuan Alps

Fosciandora, by nature a border land between Garfagnana and Lucchesia, Tuscany and Emilia, but through the ages especially between Massa, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Ferrara and Modena, has always been under the authority of the various lords, with its own territory divided into different ownerships up to the 19th century. As testimony of this we can still find the traces of the strongholds and foreposts that were built in defence of the inhabited centres.

Among them, the Rocca di Ceseranachurch castle of the XII century, enriched by its precious apse and by the wooden statues of St. Andrew and St. James of the XIV century.
There are still distinguishable traces of the city walls in the districts of Lupinaia, Fosciandora and Treppignana. The territory of the Council of Fosciandora extends over the left side of the middle Serchio valley, in a high position dominated by the Apennine range at its back (Passo del Saltello) and in front by the Apuan Alps.


A land rich in history and unspoiled nature to be discovered
The Garfagnana is rich in history and unspoiled nature—it is an area waiting to be discovered, located between the Apuan Alps and the Appennine Alps and traversed by the river Serchio. ...