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La rocca di Ceserana e Fosciandora
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The Fortress of Ceserana and Fosciandora

Medieval structure well worth a visit

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The fortress, of Ceserana is located on a terraced hill on the left bank of the Serchio Rivier near the village of Lupinaia. A medieval structure, it was an important refuge in war times during the 13th and 14th centuries.
Almost vertical walls built out of river stones support a walk way for patrols and are punctured by small openings for shooting out at enemies. Two towers stand guard at the entrance of the village and look over the hills surrounding the village.
Between 1467-74 the fortress was renovated to satisfy the demands of evolving warfare technology after the introduction of firing arms. In the following century, however, the fortress was abandoned and became the rallying point for a group of brigands who used it as a point-of-operations for their raids on the surrounding countryside.

In 1614, as the conflict between Lucca and Modena escalated, a project was suggested to restore the fortress which was in terrible condition at that point, but the work was never completed since Lupinaia withdrew from the conflicts.
A borderland dominated by mountains and fortifications
Fosciandora has always been a borderland, and it still is today for the historic regions of the Garfagnana and Lucchesia (nor is it far from the border with Emilia Romagna), but in time, it was the main border between the municipalities of Massa, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Ferrara and Modena: it was under the domain of various rulers for centuries, who fought each other for the land, at times ...