Villa Gerini, Sesto Fiorentino

Villa Gerini

Discovering Pinocchio and the real ‘Field of Miracles’

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‘The Field of Miracles’ is one of the most famous settings described in ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’. The Cat and the Fox led the puppet to this ‘miraculous’ field so that he could bury his gold coins there. The cheaters’ advice was clear: all Pinocchio had to do was sprinkle some salt over the spot and wait until the next morning. They convinced the naive puppet that a tree—with golden florins instead of fruit—would sprout up in less than a day’s time. In his book ‘Pinocchio a Casa Sua’ author Nicola Rilli suggests that the ‘Field of Miracles’ refers to the garden of Villa Gerini in Sesto Fiorentino (Colonnata). Residence to the Cappelli family as far back as the 15th century, the villa boasted one of the region’s vastest and most beautiful parks.

It’s probable that Lorenzini was inspired by an urban legend which told of Francesco Zoppi, the villa’s gardener at the end of the 1800s. Zoppi is said to have found two sacks of golden coins in the garden which he promptly turned over to Count del Benino, the villa’s owner. Scathingly criticized by his contemporaries, Zoppi later denied his honesty, saying that he had not found any money at all. The truth came out many years later, thanks to Zoppi’s grandchildren. They say that the coins did in fact exist and that Zoppi had, in reality, returned them to the landowner. Who knows how the money would have multiplied in the hands of the honest gardener!
Sesto Fiorentino
Very well known for its ceramics craftsmanship, Sesto Fiorentino features numerous places of significant artistic value
The municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, located in the province of Florence, has a population of 45,800. Very well known for its ceramic craftsmanship, Sesto features many places of significant artistic value, like the San Martino church, Palazzo Pretorio and the Tombs of Tholos. ...