Via romea dell'Alpe della Serra
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Via Romea dell’Alpe della Serra

Chitignano: Discovering a road for pilgrims and travelers:


Chitignano is located in the heart of the Casentino, one of the Province of Arezzo’s four valleys. It boasts Etruscan origins, though its greatest period of development occurred during medieval times. Due to its position on the Catenaia Alps, there were no easy ways to reach it; nonetheless, this factor did not dissuade the development of its first commercial routes.

The small city witnessed myriad journeys by merchants and travelers, but first and foremost, it became a rest-stop for pilgrims. The latter’s spiritual journeys gave rise to the Via Romea dell’Alpe della Serra, an ancient medieval road that led to Rome, holy city where both Saint Peter and Saint Paul were martyred. Hostels/primitive hospitals sprang up along the way to host travelers and places of worship, such as hermitages and sanctuaries, were abundant.






The centuries-old city of Vasari and Piero della Francesca
Not everyone knows that Arezzo is an ancient city, older than Alexandria in Egypt! To discover Arezzo you need to have a smattering of understanding about its past. Arezzo was one of the main Etruscan city-states. ...