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Autumn in Casentino
Photo © Shutterstock / lafoto
Photo © Shutterstock / lafoto

Ecomuseum of Casentino


From archeology to forests, paths to discover the unique area

The Casentino Ecomuseum is a widespread museum system in the area that documents and promotes the area's historical, artistic, naturalistic and craft heritage.

The project of the Casentino Ecomuseum began in the late nineties upon the initiative of the Comunità Montana and is divided into six systems (archaeological, castle civilization, water, forest, agro-pastoral and manufacturing) that explore people's relationship with the area. Each system is in turn divided into a series of "antennas", each with its own specific focuses and methods of use, scattered throughout the valley.

Ecomuseum of Casentino
Ecomuseum of Casentino
Bigonaio a Moggiona
Bigonaio a Moggiona

Visiting an Ecomuseum is a unique experience that's profoundly different from a classic museum itinerary. It involves a direct dialogue between the past and present, and the symbiosis between the community and territory through craftsmanship and traditions. You can choose to retrace the life of the 'Pietrone' miller, accompanied by the gushing waters in Molin di Bucchio, or delve into the curious stories about smugglers at the Chitignano Gunpowder and Smuggling Museum. Learn about the ancient art that has characterized the economy of the town, such as the working of stone in Strada in Casentino or the lesser-known but no less interesting profession, the bigonaio (barrel maker) in Moggiona inside the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests. You can also explore the "civilization of the chestnut" in the charming setting of Raggiolo, as well as the turreted evidence of medieval castles, collections of material culture and much more.

Beginning the visit, everything seems almost familiar as you immerse yourself in the everyday life experiences, listening to sounds and stories of a distant, and yet still present, past.

However, the activity of the Ecomuseum doesn't stop by visiting the "antennas", it also engages with the local communities by promoting sustainable development projects and training aimed at young people, building an ever deepening sense of belonging through the collection and sharing of video-testimonies in a “Bank of Memory” and generating innovative paths for meeting and communicating with locals and tourists.

Another important initiative of the ecomuseum network is that of FestaSaggia that aims to protect the landscape and spread awareness with local events and festivals. They also promote local products and heritage through waste reduction schemes, recycling and reduction of waste energy.

Ultimately, the Casentino Ecomuseum is a complex that consists of a kaleidoscope of places and stories of different human experiences. It comes alive during different seasons with a rich calendar of events (heritage walks, tastings, educational workshops, theatrical performances, screenings and more) which allow those who come to discover the area to immerse themselves in the history and stories of the local communities.

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