The Living Museum of Gunpowder and Smuggling

Take a tour of the Polveriera dell’Inferno

The museum itinerary for the Living Museum of Gunpowder and Smuggling documents the history of the production and sale of gunpowder, an activity which the Chitignano region was famous for in the nineteenth century. There were a number of authorised ‘polverifici’, or gunpowder deposits, and also many illegal ones hidden throughout the woodland which meant that there was a thriving smuggling trade. Outside the museum there is an itinerary known as the ‘Polveriera dell’Inferno’, which leads to one of the largest gunpowder hideouts immersed in the atmospheric woodland.

Opening hours
From the last Saturday in June to the first Sunday in September: Saturday and Sunday from 4pm-7pm

Entry fee
Free. Fee for educational activities.

Disabled access


Contact information
Loc. Il Pantaneto n. 1
Chitignano (Arezzo)
Telephone 0575 596713; Legambiente 0575-519091; 0575.507272-77(Comunità Montana del Casentino / The Casentino Mountain Community)
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