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Pillo, Chitignano, Living Museum of Gunpowder

The Living Museum of Gunpowder and Smuggling

Take a tour of 'Hell's Gunpowder Magazine'

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This museum path documents the history of the production and sale of gunpowder, an activity that shaped the Chitignano area in the 19th century.

The production of explosive powder in the Chitignano zone was for years one of the area’s dominant activities vaunting age-old traditions. This activity is tied to its feudal history, a period when locals could bypass the law and formed a sort of economic-commercial enclave for contraband and illegal items in the surrounding area.

The most bustling authorized activity was that of numerous gunpowder deposits scattered in the woods, which outside of the monitored activities led to the ever-growing contraband market.

Outside the town you’ll find an itinerary called the ‘Polveriera dell’Inferno’ (Hell's Gunpowder Magazine), which takes visitors to one of largest deposits following an evocative path along the forest's torrent.

Free entry to the museum.

A mini far west in the green hills of the Casentino
A small mountain village located along the route that leads to the Sacred Mountain of La Verna, Chitignano was once a historic thermal resort – indeed, this is where the springs of sulphur water were found – as well as one of the feudal properties of the Ubertini family. Part of the medieval Castle and the Podesteria are still visible today. ...