Vernaccia Museum

Panels, images, photos and interactive instruments create a conversation with businesses and organizations for an itinerary centred on wine

Villa della Rocca di Montestaffoli
The Vernaccia di San Gimignano Wine Museum is located near the Villa di Montestaffoli, an ancient mansion close to the walls of the old fortress in a panoramic position overlooking the town of San Gimignano.
The Museum provides documentation about the wine world, with special regards to what the Vernaccia di San Gimignano has represented over the centuries.
The Museum is a new way to approach wine, which is not only something to drink, but is a work of art. The guest is led into the secret of the wine through a series of panels, and experiences a virtual journey in wine between the slats of a huge wine barrel with alternating sounds and images.

The Cinevino is a video room which proposes a series of films made in San Gimignano and a documentary that describes the history of Vernaccia from the origins to the present day, with many possible serving suggestions.

The Museum is equipped with an interactive totem-pole, which gives information on the associated wineries with the contacts necessary for wine tasting, visits, accommodation and any other information.

The tour ends in the wine tasting room, which is entirely lined with over 500 bottles representing the local production, where it is possible to taste, discuss and study wine, wine of course from San Gimignano, guided by a sommelier.

The Wine Museum also organizes wine tours and wine tasting with the producers.



San Gimignano
Iconic town along the Via Francigena
In this council you can admire the churches of St. Jacopo and St. Peter, the Collegiate of St. Mary of the Assumption with the Chapel of St. Fina, the Cathedral, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Podestà Palazzo and the Pratellesi Palazzo. In ancient times San Gimignano was a tiny village in the Greek-Etruscan period (III-II centuries BC). There is however some evidence of a more remote presence. ...