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"Raffaele De Grada" Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art


The museum is located in the historic Santa Chiara Monastery in San Gimignano

The “Raffaele De Grada” Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in San Gimignano is located inside the historic Santa Chiara Monastery, which was transformed into an museum centre that also includes the Archeological Museum and the Spezieria of Santa Fina.

The museum is named after the famous Milanese painter (1885-1957) who, after having travelled throughout Europe and displayed his work in some of the top exhibitions of his era, from the Venice Biennale to 20th-century art expositions in Milan, chose to settle down in San Gimignano. In addition to his artworks, the permanent collection also includes Tuscan artworks from the 19th century (including paintings by Niccolò Cannicci) and 20th century (Guttuso, Sassu, Fieschi, Vacchi, Ciardo).

The gallery is also one of the most important exhibition spaces in the city, with frequent temporary shows dedicated to 19th-century, 20th-century and contemporary art.


The museum is temporarily closed.

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