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San Gimignano Archaeological Museum


Back to the medieval Manhattan's earliest origins

The archaeological museum of San Gimignano contains important archaeological finds, instrumental to our knowledge of San Gimignano's history from the Etruscan period right up to the eighteenth century.

The exhibits are divided into two sections. One is devoted to Etruscan and Roman art, with finds dug up from the ancient settlements and necropolises in the area (such as Pugiano, Cellole and La Ripa): this section covers the seventh century BC to the first century AD. The other is dedicated to local craftsmanship as has been practised throughout San Gimignano's history, especially in the medieval period, including glassmaking and pottery.

The museum is located on the site of the old monastery of Santa Chiara, which is also home to the Spezeria of Santa Fina and the Raffaele De Grada Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.


The museum is temporarily closed.