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Lecceta di Pietramarina
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The oak woods in Pietramarina

The oak woods in Pietramarina is a magical place where dappled sunlight filters through the foliage of age old oak trees

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The oak grove stretches over approximately 5 hectares and rises to an altitude of 570-580 metres above sea level. Walking through this wood you become aware of what a magical place it is. Part of the trees are ancient Holm oaks and are considered real living monuments with their wide, close dark green foliage that allows just a gentle light to filter through so hindering the undergrowth. Some of the trees are old enough to be particularly impressive and the biggest has a diameter of about 1.5 metres. The youngest oaks have upright, smooth trunks which rise up in search of sunlight, while the eldest tend to have branches lower down. On the old trunks there are sometimes cavities, which are old scarred wounds that these trees have obtained over the years. Inside these small woody hollows there is a multitude of wild fauna specimens. The wood is made up not only of oaks but also other species such as holly, turkey oak and cedar. In the inner open spaces, where the rays of the sun filter through, there is undergrowth of butcher's broom, ivy, brambles and fern. However, the undergrowth is generally poor, especially where the thickness of the branches and leaves obstruct the light.

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