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Pisa, Luminara San Ranieri

The Museum of Human Anatomy of the Department of Human Morphology and Applied Biology

This exhibition in Pisa includes mummies, skeletons, wax models and funerary items

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The Museum of Human Anatomy (Museo di Anatomia Umana) was opened during the rule of Leopoldo II di Lorena. It is home to bone, organ and vascular collections, as well as archaeological artefacts (mummies and funerary items), anatomical tables and wax models. In order to make the most of these historical and scientific items and raise scientific awareness, the museum aims to increase the number of didactic activities it offers to young visitors. Many of the items on display have played a crucial role in scientific research and have been studied by experts.

Opening hours
By appointment only

Entry fee

Disabled access

Contact information
via Roma 55, Pisa
Telephone 050 2218601; 050 2218610
E-mail gianfranco.natale.@anist.med.unipi.it

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