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Il museo laboratorio di Terrigoli nella Provincia di Prato

The Museum Laboratory of Terrigoli

The Terrigoli Laboratory Museum focuses on the textile industry of the Bisenzio Valley

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Through artifacts of everyday life and the machinery of textile factories, the exhibit shows and explains the various steps of the factory industry that, beginning with the hydraulic mill of the Middle Ages, led to the development of the textile industry between the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum also offers an exhibit on industrial archaeology which reconstructs the different phases of pastoral life, the techniques of ancient handicrafts, and games that children used to play in the past.

Designed with four internal rooms next to the three external exhibition areas, the museum is specifically created to allow for a wide range of activities. Schools and groups are able to use these laboratories as well as outdoor classrooms to produce materials, ideas and objects connected to the historical and ethnographical memory of this distinctive territory.

Source: Prato APT


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