La cattedrale di Montalcino
Places of worship

The Cathedral of Montalcino

The church that looks over the valley

Montalcino rests perched on a hill, securing its strategic position, a citadel surrounded by ancient walls. Below lies the Cassia, in more recent times or Roma Francigena, the medieval highway for pilgrims.

The Cathedral of Montalcino is dedicated to San Salvatore and it lies on the grounds whereupon the Romanesque church of the same name was built in the year 1000. In 1462 it was proclaimed cathedral by Pope Pius II. The structure of the building is visible from afar, acting as a point of reference as does the castle.

Beyond the purity of the luminous neoclassical exterior design, precious treasures are hidden inside. Take note of the first altar which depicts an Immaculate Conception with Christ and God the Father, dating to 1588, a masterpiece painted by Francesco Vanni, mannerist painter from Siena. The altar just facing this one features a painting by the same artist and depicts Saint John the Baptist in the desert.
Flavours and history converge in the Brunello capital of the world
It was made famous by Brunello, one of the world’s best red wines. But Montalcino is also a magnificent city of art which, from its hill, dominates the 3000 hectares of vineyards (1500 for Brunello) that have given it fame and wealth. ...