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Church of Madonna del Soccorso in Montalcino

Places of worship

Built in the 14th century where an ancient icon of the Vergin Mary was located

The Church of Madonna del Soccorso is located in Montalcino, among the hills of the Val d'Orcia. 

The sanctuary, dating from the 12th century, had been built on the site of the medieval small church of Porta al Corniolo: inside it, an ancient panel depicting the Virgin and Child next to the Saints Peter and Paul.

The Church took the name "Santa Maria del Soccorso" following a battle that took place in 1553. On this occasion, the inhabitants of Montalcino prevailed after a long siege by the Spanish army led by Don Garcia de Toledo. Legend has it that it was an appearance of the Virgin Mary that protected Montalcino.

The building underwent renovations over time: after a radical enlargement between 1478 and 1480, it was not finally completed until 1609. The façade, in travertine, was begun in 1794 based on a design by architect Francesco Paccagnini and was completed in 1829.

The interior of the church has splendid Baroque-style altars, as well as paintings attributed to Stefano Volpi from Siena (the Holy Family) and Francesco Vanni (a Crucifixion).


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