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Tempio del Brunello
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Tempio del Brunello


In Montalcino, the most modern technologies allow people to discover the wonders of the territory through sensory and visual experiences

The wine, or rather the Oro di Montalcino (Gold of Montalcino), is the absolute protagonist of the Tempio del Brunello, an immersive and emotional journey to discover the king of wines and the territory in which it is born.
We are in Montalcino, a village nestled in the Val d'Orcia, amid villages, vineyards and enchanting views. 
Oro di Montalcino is a project for the valorization of the territory and its peculiarities: the goal is to make the village known in depth through a complete experience that from Brunello opens to history, archeology, artistic heritage, landscape and the promotion of all the precious products of this generous land.

Tempio del Brunello
Tempio del Brunello - Credit:

The Tempio del Brunello is located within the former convent and monumental complex of Sant'Agostino, the millennial and cultural heart of the town. Here it is possible to begin a visit to the Museo Civico e Diocesano (Civic and Diocesan Museum) to admire the rich collection of wooden statues and 'gold grounds' of the Sienese school and the Etruscan finds in the archeological section.
Passing into the uncovered cloister, you descend into the actual Tempio di Brunello: walking down a staircase you perceive a change in depth and climate, accompanied by the unmistakable sounds of the cellar.
In this first space, this highly prized wine is narrated through immersive videos that evoke the quattro pilastri (four pillars), the founding concepts that have determined its uniqueness: the soil, the biodiversity of the land, the climate and the work of the people. 

Cloister Wine Shop
Cloister Wine Shop - Credit:

From here you proceed to the next space, called Quadro Divino (Divine Picture), where visitors can leave the mark of their own experience and bring creativity into play, developing the sensations and suggestions received in the previous rooms.
The third room, supported by ogival arches, whose shapes recall an upturned goblet, is Calix: through the technique of mapping, artistic masterpieces are displayed that describe the inspiration that the land of Montalcino has been able to instill in man.
Going back, you arrive again into the light of the uncovered cloister, where you can continue the experience while sipping a glass of Brunello at the Enoteca (wine shop). Professional sommeliers and a multilingual digital sommelier allow you to capture the gestures and rituals that accompany the tasting, outlining the organoleptic characteristics of Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino.