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Montalcino Cathedral

Places of worship

The Cathedral of Santissimo Salvatore is found in the heart of the town

The Cathedral of Santissimo Salvatore, the Duomo in Montalcino, stands where the Romanesque parish church of the same name once stood, constructed around the year 1000 and turned into a cathedral in 1462 by Pius II. The bulk of the building stands out from afar and is a reference point in the historic centre of the town, as well as the castle. 

Beyond the purity of its exterior, with its bright and impeccable Neoclassical lines, the interior hides some of the most precious treasures.

Make sure to look at the first altar with the painting of the Immaculate Conception with Jesus and Father God, a masterpiece from 1588 among the early works of Francesco Vanni, a highly-intellectual Mannerist painter from Siena. On the altar at the front, there is also the painting of St. John the Baptist in the desert, an early work by the artist. 

In the Chapel of Suffragio there is a painting of St. Michael the Archangel driving the rebel angels away from heaven, while in the sacristy you can admire the painting by Francesco Nasini depicting the Madonna Assunta with Angels and Saints Ippoliti the Bishop and Cyprian the Martyr (1647), commissioned by Ippolito Senesi for the altar of Sant’Ippolito and Sant’Antonio, later demolished. 

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