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Wool Museum in Stia

In the Casentino, you can explore the culture and tradition of wool-making

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The Wool Museumis located in Stia, in the Casentino, housed in the former Lanificio, or wool mill, an example of industrial archeology that was renovated as a centre for textile culture.

The exhibition route showcases historic photos, fabric samples, objects with particular symbolic value, like the bell that marked the work day, the banner of the workers’ association and the Italian flag made at the wool mill during the Savoy era, and vintage clothing pieces made from the Casentino panno.

Visiting the museum is a genuine sensory experience, where you can explore and physically touch the art of wool-making, from the earliest days of civilization to the Industrial Revolution and the golden age of Stia’s wool mill.

One of the rooms at the Wool Mill
One of the rooms at the Wool Mill - Credit: Museo dell'Arte della Lana

Naturally, there’s a section dedicated to the typical Casentino panno, in its traditional green and orange fabrics, whose origins date back centuries: as early as the 14th century, a type of rustic wool was already being produced in this area.

The museum also offers education activities, workshops for children and itineraries for the visually impaired, introducing them to the various fibres or teaching them how to use a loom.

Info: museodellalana.it

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