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Romena Castle

Historical Buildings

The imposing ruins of the fortress in Pratovecchio dominate the entire valley

Three towers in the middle of nature dominate the entire Casentino valley at a height of 621 metres: this is the Romena Castle in Pratovecchio, one of the most famous in Tuscany thanks to its long history.

Dating to the early 11th century, the fortress was founded by the Guidi Counts, who made it one of the most important in the territory.

Though little more than imposing ruins remain today, the castle is considered one of the most evocative monuments in the Casentino because of both its position and the harmonious architecture that blends with the surrounding nature, standing tall above the valley below.

Romena Castle
Romena Castle - Credit: Massimo Civitelli

Of what remains, you can admire the drawbridge, the prisoners’ tower and the patrol walkways. The complex is as a fascinating as it is harmonious, located in a place that was beloved even by the supreme poet Dante Alighieri, who immortalized it in his Divine Comedy.

Castello di Romena
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