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Museum of Contemporary Art in Stia


A collection of 200 works on show at the Palagio Fiorentino

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Stia can be found in the Palagio Fiorentino, a 13th-century building that belonged to the Guidi Counts, and that in 1908 was completely renovated in the medieval style by Giuseppe Castellucci.  

Begun with the intention to promote contemporary art at a prestigious location in a small mountain town, the collection brings together works by contemporary Tuscan artists and artists who have long resided in the region.

The original nucleus of the collection is made up of a donation of 53 paintings and 10 sculptures from Vicky Galati Indelli in memory of her father Americo Francesco Galati.

The collection has been added to with works donated by the municipality of Stia, and today consists of around 200 pieces, such as sculptures, paintings and drawings by artists like Pietro Annigoni, Giò Pomodoro, Ottone Rosai, Marino Marini, Quinto Martini, Pietro Parigi and many more.