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Livorno Mountain Park

Naturalistic attractions

Natural and historic patrimony located between Collesalvetti, Livorno and Rosignano Marittimo

The Livorno Mountain Park extends 1,300 acres across the municipalities of Livorno, Collesalvetti and Rosignano Marittimo, a real and proper green lung, of interest also for the study of geomorphologic phenomena and geologic formations.

Rich with vegetation, water and geologic resources, the territory of Rosignano forms an important part of the Park, the last extremity before reaching the sea. The hills, formed between 15 and 20 million years ago, represent a natural, historic and environmental heritage of exceptional value, which can be discovered thanks to the evocative itineraries immersed in the green of the Mediterranean scrub.

The Park coincides in large part with the thriving state-owned forests in the Benedetta valley and Montenero, rich with streams that supplied the numerous watermills, whose ruins can still be visited today.

Mount Pelato, Poggetti Park, the Chioma Stream (rich with fauna) and the coastal part between Castiglioncello and Rosignano Solvay are just some of the routes through this green island, where it is possible to embark on splendid excursions.

The paths, ideal for trekking by foot, on mountain bike and on horse-back (down the bridle path connecting the main protected areas in the Livorno territory to the Montioni Park), wind through interesting floral life and plant formations as visitors discover traces of past civilizations, such as mills, ice houses, furnaces and the splendid structures of the 18th-century Aqueduct in Colognole, all against a fascinating backdrop of nature comprising centuries-old oak forest and the smell of the Mediterranean scrub.  


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