Pieve di Romena
Places of worship

Casentino, Romena, The church of San Pietro

This stone church takes visitors back in time to when it was built in 1152. Today it is a much beloved place for prayer and worship

Pratovecchio Arezzo
The church of San Pietro a Romena is a Romanesque architectural jewel which sits proudly in the beautiful Casentino countryside. It is dedicated to San Pietro Apostolo (Saint Peter the Apostle) and is considered one of the most important churches in the area, not least for its careful stone work which has stood the test of time over the centuries since its construction in 1152.

It is about 3kms from Pratovecchio on the Via Maior road. The architecture of the interior of the church is particularly noteworthy. The church is split into three naves divided by decorated stone pillars. The asymmetrical windows create a special effect with the light that pours through them, with bright illuminated areas alternating with dark, impenetrable pools of shadow.

The oldest part of the building is the square bell tower. The Romena religious complex also houses the ruins of an even more ancient church, beneath the church we see today. These ruins can be visited and are accessible down a stairway that descends from the end of the right nave. The church is much visited not only for its architectural beauty though, it is also well-known as a place of spiritual worship. It was here in 1991 that the Fraternity of Romena was created.
Pratovecchio has been made part of the National Park of Casentine Forests
A centre in the Casentino area in the province of Arezzo, with about 3,000 inhabitants, Pratovecchio represents one of the historical nucleuses of the Guidi Counts’ power, feudatories of the Empire that dominated the Casentino until the XV century. The village’s origins date back to the Early Middle Ages but the first, definite mention of it is from 1191. ...