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Arezzo, The Civic Building

Visit this artistic and architectural jewel

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Via della Madonna del Prato, 55, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italia

Built on a hilltop in the historic center, in an area that is characterized by Arezzo’s other civil, religious and judicial powers, the Palazzo Comunale faces west, onto Piazza della Libertà. Erected in 1333, since the late-Middle Ages till today, it has been the home of the city’s supreme magistrates. One side of the building traces of its 13th century architecture are still evident. The façade and the quadrangular tower (dating back to 1337) are the result of numerous renovations and restorations carried out between the 1400s and 1600s. The last restructuring project, carried by Giuseppe Castellucci and Umberto Tavanti, dates back to 1930; it had made several changes to the exterior and interior structure. Today it houses municipal offices.

Inside the building, there is a courtyard from the 1500s. Inside the ground floor room (entrance from piazza della Libertà) there is a rare depiction of Arezzo in the 1600s, in the backdrop of a fresco by Salvi Castellucci, in his representation of the Madonna with Child and San Donato (1640). 

On the upper floor, there are several noteworthy frescoes depicting sacred scenes. There are numerous busts and portraits of illustrious figures from Arezzo; as well as the statue in stone depicting the Madonna with Child (1336), transferred here from Porta Santo Spirito when it was demolished. The Wedding Room has a 16th century hearth in stone, two paintings by Giorgio Vasari and 12 frescoed scenes by Teofilo Torri from 1610, depicting some of Arezzo’s historical events. The Council Room has a 15th century fresco of the Crucifixion of Parri by Spinello and a portrait of Pietro Aretino

The centuries-old city of Vasari and Piero della Francesca
Not everyone knows that Arezzo is an ancient city, older than Alexandria in Egypt! To discover Arezzo you need to have a smattering of understanding about its past. Arezzo was one of the main Etruscan city-states. ...