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Gori Collection at the Fattoria di Celle

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Santomano, in Pistoia, is home to one of the most famous outdoor art collections in Italy

The Gori Collection at the Villa Fattoria di Celle in Santomato, in the municipality of Pistoia, is one of the most famous outdoor art collections in Italy.

The Villa di Celle and the surrounding Romantic-era park, originally belonging to the noble Fabbroni family from Pistoia, was acquired by entrepreneur and collector Giuliano Gori, who began collecting contemporary art here during the seventies and transformed his collection into an outdoor museum.

Over the years Gori has invited various artists to create outdoor installations which would be exclusively shown in the outdoor spaces of the property or inside one of the historic buildings.

Fattoria di Celle
Fattoria di Celle

Currently, the park has works by Daniel Buren, Dennis Oppenheim, Claudio Parmeggiani, Mauro Staccioli, Jean-Michel Folon, Enrico Castellani, Sol LeWitt, Hidetoshi Nagazawa, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Richard Serri and many others.

Burri’s Grande Ferro stands at the entrance to the property, which currently has around 80 monumental works.

Collezione Gori
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